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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Days 3 and 4, Fort Myers Beach

Yet again, so many fun things done, no time to post. Here's a smattering of images from the last two days:

We went jetskiing to see dolphins. This is part of the group at a point where we stopped and saw dolphins swimming right up to and around our boats. Jetskiing is an amazingly exhilarating activity, flying across the water at speeds up to 45 miles and hour, bouncing on the waves like you were on a bucking bronco...Shayna even said it was like being on a horse...but oh so much faster! No way to take photos with all the spray at those speeds.

Scene from the pier at Fort Myers Beach.

Snowy Egret in the breeze.

City scene, Fort Myers Beach.

City center, Fort Myers Beach.

Street scene, Fort Myers Beach.

On the deck of the Caribbean Pearl restaurant.

Sunset and palm trees...this is what it's all about.

Red ibises in a tree.

Great blue heron in flight.

Great egret.

Osprey on a perch.  

Mama osprey guarding her young.

Osprey with fish for lunch.



Pelican with fish scraps for lunch.

Shayna with her day-glo green bike. We were on bikes more than in the car because of the massive single file line of cars that for at least a mile, sometimes 2 or 3 miles, creep into the downtown of Fort Myers Beach. It was a great way to get around, and we even rode bikes on the beach.

Biking on the beach, among the driftwood and dead trees.

This is the feeling of exhuberance one feels in the warm late afternoon on a beach in Florida.

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