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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 5: Santurce

Santurce is a neighborhood full of local color, lightyears away from the touristy Isla Verde beach where we hang out. We went there to buy tickets for a cello trio concert coming up at the Centro des Bellas Artes and came across these sculptures by award-winning sculptor Annex Burgos. The group of bronze women, "Musas" (The Muses), are installed in the plaza at the center.

This is what the Centro des Bellas Artes looks like: 

Lunch at Tasco el Pescador, a wonderful seafood restaurant in Santurce. It's mainly frequented by locals, but we ate delicious boquerones en vinagre, a type of appetizer or tapa frequently found in the south of Spain. The central ingredient of the dish is boquerones, fresh anchovies. Am I talking too much about the food here? Also a very nice fish broth, shrimp in garlic butter, and calamari with rice cooked in black squid ink, which tasted like fresh butter!  Here's Carole in the restaurant:

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