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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Puerto Rico, My Heart's Devotion

Note: Title of this post courtesy soundtrack of Leonard Bernstein's classic musical "West Side Story. " See]. 

"West Side Story" was once the only exposure many Americans had to Puerto Rico. It's all different now, at least for us. We're back enjoying our first days on the beach in San Juan at Isla Verde Beach. Technically, however, we're in the municipality of Carolina, just east of San Juan. 

San Juan is our "hearts' devotion" -- we love it here. Here are some views from today. Photo at top: Sunset on Isla Verde Beach. Click on each photo for an enlarged view.

Looking west, down the beach
Looking east. 
My favorite subject: Glamour shot
Soft waves at our feet
For all my former Kwikpoint colleagues and anyone else willing to venture a guess, here's a warning sign icon for you to interpret. What do you think this is?

More to follow in the coming two weeks, including images from the Carnaval de Ponce, the biggest festival in Puerto Rico.

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