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Monday, July 22, 2013

Party Time on Lake Barcroft

The Newcomer's Club held its first "Happy Hour" Mixer Barge Party on Saturday evening, the 20th of July, after a weather cancellation in May, and this time, the weather more than cooperated. With a backdrop of the clear late afternoon sky fading to sunset, the beer was flowing, the friendships were growing, and another new tradition was sowing (;-)).

Boat captains gathered up their crews and shipmates and readied their passengers and refreshments for the evening's event, a "What's My Line?" competition with mystery fun facts supplied by all for the guessing.

Who knew that among us was a Navy strike fighter pilot who defied the odds of survival (75% of these pilots died in crashes), or that another participant listed a house for sale formerly owned by a serial killer who preyed on realtors, or that your blogger drove a horse and carriage in Georgetown in the 70's, or that someone else had a New Zealand race horse named after her, or that another partier dated a rock star in high school (George Thorogood, of the Destroyers)? 

The winning boat garnered 22 correct answers out of 55, with a prize awarded. Here are the winners:

Boat Captain Dave Schnedar, Sarah and Matt Mattingly, and guest Olivia Gonzalez (not pictured: Dawn Donald).
And here are some memories of the evening, captured by your blogger and local photographer, me.

Party attendees gather

From left: Wendy Diliberti, aaa,bbb, Connie Lawn and Charles Schneiderman

Real newcomers Karen and Ken Ackerman, with Sharon aaa.

Boat captain  , Sarah Mattingly, Matt Mattingly, Dawn Donald, and guest Olivia Gonzalez

Paul and Winnifred Mullian relax on Pat Patrick's wysteria boat.

Marilyn Dipaulo looking festive

Jeff Michael and Jodi

Newcomers Club President and Co-Captain Nomi Taslitt (facing)

Boat captain Lark Lovering

Aboard the wisteria barge: Winnifred and Paul Mulligan, Boat Captain Pat Patrick, aa, Mike aaa and guest Amy.

Barges tied together for fun
 The sky on Saturday produced some dramatic cloud formations: 

Palm tree boat captain Chris Buehler
Your blogger and photographer (Photo by Chris Buhler)

For those of you who are pictured but not named, send me your names and I'll include them in an update.

Otherwise, enjoy the photos, and enter a comment below or email me. Follow the blog with your email address above right to get automatic alerts of new postings.


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