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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Birds of Spring

Finally, spring is here, and the big birds are out in full view. Here's a set of recent photographs I shot from the docks of friends and neighbors at Lake Barcroft and along the W&OD and Four Mile Run Trails. 

The first set of the Great Blue Heron images is a sequence that includes the two photographs many of you had seen earlier this week. The heron actually speared the fish. I have photographed herons before but never saw them do this. From my research, it is, in fact, one way they do catch fish.

These eagles were very high up, so I did my best in editing them to be as sharp as possible. 

This was a male and female eagle pair soaring and swooping over the Waterway and Lakeview sides of the lake before heading north.   

Here's an Osprey with his catch, looking for a good place to eat.

This tree turned out to be his lunch spot.

Thanks to Victoria Fernandez and Sheila Wayman for offering the great vantage points at their lakefront docks.

Out on the bike trails, I first stopped at the Sparrow Pond on the W&OD and saw a trio of Mallards doing what ducks do in the spring: swimming and I think an attempt at mating, but two males and one female?  

A Great Blue Heron, yet again, catching a fish, and another up in a tree.

 Is this a muskrat?

Finally, a Red-Winged Blackbird.


Sheila Wayman said...

Oh My God You are a resourse for such breath taking photo shots thank you for sharing this art form with all of us. I can't wait till you post the sun sets that I talked about. ....Aren't we fortunate in having a little bit of heaven right before our very eyes.

Sheila Wayman

Lucie Seward said...

These are exquisite. Thank you for the treat!
Lucie Seward

Anonymous said...

WOW what beautiful creatures you have seen. Thanks for sharing. I think that IS a muskrat. I took photos and videos of one on the New River here in Grayson county, va. I also loved the osprey with the fish...I had a photo of one on Rural Retreat lake in Wythe county taking a fish. The duck thing,s. strange. Looks like the female was very special....