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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Wildlife on Lake Barcroft

With the temperature hovering near 90 on land, Lake Barcroft offered cool breezes, especially in the shade, as I set out on a late morning kayak trip. 

I observed all manner of flying things and even one creepy crawly thing.

Green heron

Painted turtle

Is this a gadwall or a mallard?

A great blue heron nest high in the pines. No babies yet!

Great blue heron

 All types of dragonflies:

This was a big one!

Barn swallow

Hungry fledgling barn swallows, in anticipation of feeding
Momma arrives!
"Hey, what about me?"

At the end of the ride, bringing the kayak to the racks on Beach 3, I came across this giant crawfish. He was scary big! I couldn't resist taking lots of photos of him.



Lakesprite said...

Absolutely beautiful,

Lakesprite said...

Absolutely beautiful photos, Larry! Thank you!

Jeffrey Pratte said...

Larry, great shots. I love the crawdaddy!