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Friday, September 4, 2015

Late Summer: Wildlife on Lake Barcroft

A late summer morning kayak excursion on the lake...although a wide variety of wildlife was not evident, I did capture some interesting behaviors of the creatures I did encounter. 

Blue dasher dragonfly

Great blue heron stalking its prey

Turtle love

Smiley face turtle
 A friend, Marilyn, sent me a smartphone image of these two buddies, below, and we thought it was a unique shot...until weeks later, I came across this scene, and there they were again:


Great blue heron staredown

Treading carefully....

What was that?

Darn, missed it...

Great blue landing

This next set is a series of a great blue heron preening. He was standing in this positions for quite a while, burying his head deep in his feathers at some points, then, suddenly, started to cough and whip his tongue back and forth. I assumed he had feathers caught in his throat from the sound of it. 

Finally caught one! Looks like a small large mouth bass.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Beautiful as always.