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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Birds of Lover's Key State Park

Today was a windfall day for photography. Shayna and I took our bikes for the 7 mile ride to Lover's Key State Park, with a few stops along the way in each direction to take in the sightings of wildlife, mainly birds, but the Park was incredible.  Herewith, without further ado, the birds of Florida, day 3.

This is an unusual looking bird, and a relatively rare, older specimen: wood stork. 

Wood stork

At the bridge over San Carlos, we looked up and saw this Osprey staring down at us.


Sandpiper Reflection

This oyster catcher was busy in surf finding plenty of tasty treats.

American Oyster Catcher with lunch

 This heron put on quite a show, prancing around hunting for something to eat.

Reddish egret
 What a look!
Reddish egret
Pair of cormorants 

Snowy egret

 My favorite bird, the pelican. Here, in an unusual in-flight image.
Pelican 1

 A local fishing guide gave this guy quite a treat, the remains of a filleted fish.

Pelican with a treat

 Pelicans are really captivating in their behavior and demeanor. 

Pelican preening

End of a long day: Scene from the bay side at Lover's Key State Park.


Anonymous said...


I love your photographs. I also live in Lake Barcroft and I just got my first DSLR. Maybe I can tag along foe a shot sometime?

Keep up the great work, Jeff Pratte

Larry G. said...

Thanks, Jeff. Glad you like them. Get in touch with me sometime and we can talk about your camera.