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Saturday, December 22, 2012

On to Florida; Evening in Fort Myers Beach

Sun Deck Motel
The day of travel that began at 445am in the chill of DC brought us safe and sound to the warmer breezes and palm trees of Florida via the snowy drear and freeze of Cleveland and a delayed flight. We finally arrived at our quarters at the Sun Deck, above, at 4:30pm, travelling in style in our awaiting chariot, a shining 2013 Mustang. 

After such a long day, we needed to clear our heads so we chilled out for a while in our room. Afterwards, I took a stroll to the town fishing pier while Shayna hung back to watch TV. 

Approaching the gorgeous colors of the fading sunset on the Gulf of Mexico, magic started to happen. One of my favorite subjects, the Great Blue Heron, soared in for a landing right in front of me, regal and unperturbed by the few humans hovering nearby, including myself. But instead of my more typical daytime studies of this magnificent creature,  the evening light and the proximity of this specimen allowed me to create this stunning series of images, including the photo at the top of my blog. 

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