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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lake Barcroft Earth Day: Raptor Show and More

The Raptor Conservancy of Virginia,, held a captivating show at Lake Barcroft's Earth Day 2013 celebration. The Raptor Conservancy is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to: 

1. Rehabilitation and release of injured, ill or orphaned native VA birds of prey (raptors);
2. Education of the public about raptors and preservation of their habitat; and,
3. Endeavoring to increase the wild population of endangered and threatened raptors. 

The Director, Kent Knowles, who appears in several of the photos here, is a resident of Lake Barcroft. He and his assistant showed us live hawks, falcons, and owls and explained all about these magnificent birds, many of which live right here at the Lake. Here are some photos of the birds that I was able to photograph that were shown at that presentation.

Screech owl

Barred owl

Kent Knowles with barn owl

Kids looking at the barn owl

Barn owl

Red-shouldered hawk

Red-shouldered hawk
Red-shouldered hawk
Red-shouldered hawk
Red-shouldered hawk

Red-tailed hawk

Peregrine falcon

Peregrine falcon
Peregrine falcon
Peregrine falcon
Enthalled by a screech owl

The Earth Day celebration drew quite a crowd, but not only to the Raptor Show. There were environmental displays with experts on hand to help residents with problems with beavers, woodpeckers and carpenter bees, a bird and nature walk with the Washington Post's writer and illustrator of the weekly natural history column, Patterson Clark, displays of local plants that attract songbirds, a raffle to benefit the Environmental Committee, with prizes including many beautiful pieces of art, fabric creations, sculpture, and photography and other prizes, all contributed by Lake Barcroft residents. This was a framed photo that I contributed:

Great Blue Heron
Here's Carole running the raffle:

There also was the Photography Exhibit and Photo Contest that I set up, with a "Guess that Bird" display of all the birds that's I've photographed here in Lake Barcroft. Carole shot this of me in the Photography tent with photos that I and others community residents contributed.

I even created a ©Lake Barcroft Poster that I have available for purchase for anyone who'd like one. I also have matted prints and notecards available of many of my wildlife photographs. Drop me a line and I'll tell you more.

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