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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birds and bees

Gorgeous day for an excursion around the neighborhood at Lake Barcroft, from my backyard on Stoneybrae down to Beach 5, and here's what I photographed today.

Robins are everywhere, but up in the trees with the blue sky as a background, they are still stunning.

American robin
 A Carolina wren -- he's all squatting ready and looking at another perch (our bird feeder!)
Carolina wren
 Grackles shine with a purple/black iridescence, and those yellow eyes are amazing.

This guy, a grey catbird, has the most incredible song. You can hear a recording here at this link: I would have recorded him myself but with cameras and a camera bag, it wasn't possible. I think the one I heard and photographed had even more variety in its song than this recording.

Grey catbird
Grey catbird
 House finches -- great red color, and very common at our feeder.
House finch
We have a new sparrow family in the birdhouse. I can hear tiny little chirps inside, and here is the mother bringing some nourishing meal. I can't tell what it is, however.

Mama sparrow with food for the fledglings

The bumble bees were everywhere. I took a couple of stop action shots here:

Coming soon: Cicadas!

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