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Thursday, June 6, 2013

From Solemn Ceremony to Parades to Rare Bird Sightings

I've been really busy recently with several photo assignments, from a ceremonial military funeral at Arlington Cemetery -- 

to the Falls Church Memorial Day Parade and Celebration: 

Getting back to nature, I went out on the kayak on a recent evening, camera in hand. I paddled my way on the calm glassy waters of Lake Barcroft from Beach 3 around to the Potterton Bridge. 

There, I found a number of local birds that I had not encountered before, along with the usual suspects.

Here, a rarely seen (by me) female grackle, high in a tree.

Female grackle
And in the same tree, a cedar waxwing.

Cedar waxwing
Her head feathers radiating the blazing late afternoon sun,  two images of a female hooded merganser.
Female hooded merganser

Female hooded merganser
The merganser had a brood of seven babies, but they were scurrying for cover before I could get off any decent shots. 

Here, back to more common members of our lake, a great blue heron in flight.

Great Blue Heron
Our barn swallows are very difficult to photograph because of their great speed and agility, but here's one perched on a barge.

Barn swallow
And finally, the newest residents of Lake Barcroft, Canada geese goslings.

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