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Friday, September 6, 2013

Back on the Lake

After many months of recovering from a knee injury, I took the kayak out on a picture perfect, dry, clear late afternoon. Over the summer, the knee had to be protected from any potential sudden lateral movement, and getting in and out of a kayak was thus risky up to now. 

So a quick paddle from Beach 3 around to the Potterton Bridge and back was all I could muster, but I did catch a few images to share here.

Calm water 

Juvenile red-bellied woodpecker

Great blue heron at a lakeside garden

Heron hitting his stride
More to come as the bird migration gets underway and hopefully we'll have a lot of stopovers on the Lake.

By the way, the image in the blog title is from a bike ride down the Holmes Run Trail, just south of Columbia Pike.

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