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Monday, February 21, 2011

When in San Juan, no time for digital processing

Would you rather spend your vacation time hunched over a laptop doing digital photo processing or vegging out on the beach? I chose the latter, so there've been no postings after the rainforest till now. These are random shots for the last 3-4 days of one of the all time best vacations I've had.

This was where we spent much of our time:

View over San Juan Bay near Old San Juan.

Walking the streets of Old San Juan

Street Accordionist, Old San Juan

Walking along the old city wall, Old San Juan.

Sunset, San Juan Bay

Parque de las Palomas in Old San Juan has been surrendered to the birds. Paloma is Spanish for "dove", as in rock dove, the traditional name for the common pigeon. "Rock" refers to their native habitat, the rocky cliffs of Europe, Asia and North Africa. Pigeons love to roost in areas that resemble their natural, cliffy habitat including "pigeon holes", which are nooks and crannies man-made just for this purpose. Someone has dug pigeon holes into the ancient walls of Parque de las Palomas, and the pigeons love it.


La Cucina de Ivo, our favorite restaurant in Old San Juan. The freshest ingredients, so carefully prepared, and introduced by our server Ivanna, shown here with her sister, Iria and her brother in law, Omar. Their father the chef, Ivo Bignami, and these three run the restaurant.


Beachfront cemetery La Cementario Puerto Rico Memorial
Mango smoothies were cool and refreshing.
In Old San Juan.

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