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Monday, February 7, 2011

Still on the beach

This place is great....there's no compelling reason to do anything at all but sleep, eat, and breathe in the air and the sounds of the surf, with a little jogging and beach walking to fill in.This guy was doing a little fishing but seemed lost in thought enjoying the views.

Yesterday, there was this gorgeous rainbow over an abandoned hotel called the Empress Oceanfront, which is on the most wonderful piece of real estate at the eastern point of Isla Verde beach (la Playa Isla Verde). It is rumored that JayLo may be interested in purchasing this property, which is currently in deteriorating condition.

We eat lunch at a place reminiscent of the cafes of Key West that Hemingway would have frequented, a little cafe called La Playita, complete with ceiling fans, a languid wait staff, easily consumed tropical drinks, and the requisite colorful locals.

La Playita

Colorful local

Carole's having a great time here. The place we stay is the El San Juan Towers condominiums. Here's Carole in her new hat:
Before you know it, night falls over Isla Verde. This is the night view from our balcony. Tomorrow, an excursion to el Mercado de Santurce for some fresh fruits, coffees, and shopping. Hasta mañana, amigos.

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