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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

High School Basketball 2013

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It's basketball season, and it's cold outside. [The icy photo above was shot during the recent ice storm.]

So staying indoors, here is some photography that I recently shot of my 15 year old granddaughter Shayna at a recent high school basketball game. It's not easy shooting these fast moving high school games, what with the poor lighting and limited sideline viewing points (I would love to be behind the basket, but they don't allow it.) Nevertheless, with a little post-processing in Adobe Lightroom, I'm generally please with the results. 

[For those photographers out there, these were taken with Canon 7D DSLR, 70-200mm f4 L IS and Canon 24-105 f4 IS lenses, at ISO 1600. Thus the apparent noise in some of those shots ("noise" in digital photography is equivalent in appearance to "grain" in film photography.)]

Unfortunately, our team lost the game.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Images from Recent Show

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We're in the holiday season now when I'm typically commissioned to do party and event photography and family portraiture, which I throughly enjoy. 

But I also wanted to share with you the nature and scenic images from a recent show that took place on Sunday, November 17. Below are the six large show prints from my collection that I exhibited at The Lake Barcroft Art League Show and Sale

I love shooting large birds and particularly love the ones that show their personalities. I also often return to my roots by producing images in black and white, particularly moody scenes that create an emotional response in the viewer. 

The images below were taken at Lake Barcroft, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, on the western coast of Puerto Rico, and at the Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge on the Atlantic Coast.  Can you guess where each image was taken? I'd love to hear your comments on them.

All of these prints are available for purchase, as are boxed sets of note cards of these images. My popular Lake Barcroft Poster, below, is also available as a print or individual note card.

[I put the copyright notice in the center of each image to protect it. Google grabs everything nowadays so at least if they grab the image, my copyright is there.]

Let me know if you have any photographic needs over the holidays or if you'd like to acquire any of my work from this set or from any other postings you've seen in the past. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween 2013

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Lake Barcroft Newcomer's Club held a fantastic Halloween Party, with incredible decorations and wonderfully creative costumes. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos of the event. Thanks to hosts Ken and Assad and all who helped pull this great event together. (Photo at top: Self portrait with partner Carole)

Who are these people?

Skyler White from "Breaking Bad"

Walter White ("Heisenberg" and wife Skyler, from Breaking Bad

Mona Lisa


The Whites from Breaking Bad

Bob ("Big Boy") and Indira Ghandi


Our Co-Host, Ken

One of the Best Pumpkin Contest Winners 

Counting votes for best costumes and best pumpkin

Winner of Best Costume, Bryozoan (Nomi)

The Motley Crew

The Setting

One of the Best Pumpkin Winners Joe

The Feast

Zipperface, Costume Winner

Our Co-Host, Assad