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Monday, September 14, 2015

New Architecture and Property Photography Website Going Live Soon!

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If you hadn't noticed, I've been shooting a lot of architecture and interior photography the past two years and just created a new website:

I hope you will take a moment to look at it and let your friends and colleagues know about my work. I'm taking assignments for the fall to help realtors, agents, builders, interior decorators, stagers, kitchen and bath designers, and remodelers reach more customers and display new listings, new construction, remodeling projects and more through Dazzling Property Photography.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Late Summer: Wildlife on Lake Barcroft

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A late summer morning kayak excursion on the lake...although a wide variety of wildlife was not evident, I did capture some interesting behaviors of the creatures I did encounter. 

Blue dasher dragonfly

Great blue heron stalking its prey

Turtle love

Smiley face turtle
 A friend, Marilyn, sent me a smartphone image of these two buddies, below, and we thought it was a unique shot...until weeks later, I came across this scene, and there they were again:


Great blue heron staredown

Treading carefully....

What was that?

Darn, missed it...

Great blue landing

This next set is a series of a great blue heron preening. He was standing in this positions for quite a while, burying his head deep in his feathers at some points, then, suddenly, started to cough and whip his tongue back and forth. I assumed he had feathers caught in his throat from the sound of it. 

Finally caught one! Looks like a small large mouth bass.