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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Groovy Lake Barcroft Newcomers 70's (with some 60's) Barge Party 2013

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Our community never ceases to offer the most wonderful social events to its residents year after year. This year, our annual Barge Party took place at the home of Trippi and Tom Penland, and it was a winner. The theme was the 70's, with a bit of 60's mixed in, and it was interpreted in more ways than you can imagine.

Arriving....Former Newcomer's Club President, Miranda (right) with friend Beverly.

Ready to party, Newcomer's President Nomi with Marilyn, Betsy, and Kevin Howe, always prepared.

Here's the groovy flower power girl, Olivia, decked out in the era's finest, flanked by sisters Louise (left) and Sarah:

Why did this couple's 70's not include disco or remnants of 60's flower power? I think they got a bit mixed up. The theme was the NINETEEN 70's! But the invitation wasn't specific, true, so here's Seth and Diane, celebrating the 1770's!

Party hosts, Trippi and Tom.

Partygoers appeared in leisure suits, headbands, amazing wide collars, peace medallions, flowered shirts, earth mother dresses, caftans, tie-die, John Lennon glasses, and you name it. Didn't see any John Travolta look alikes however.

Noreen and Teji
Olivia and Sammie
 Colorful paisley, tie-dye, and African prints on the girls.

Ok, there were some wild ideas of 70's fashion.  Love the gold velour track suit!

"Peace, Brother"....Missy and Jeff

This was quite a collar on leisure suited Mike.

The party began with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and barge trips, and our beautiful lake as the background was as magical as ever.

Tom pilots his boat out with his nine passengers
From front left, Wendy, Ruby, Jeff and Rob

Lisa L., Lisa R. and Samira
Randy moving into position to take on passengers 

Mike T. chats it up with the ladies

Tom hamming it up

Captain Matt 

Then there was the food...announced by Captain Matt, the human megaphone. 

Wow, gorgeous, and delicious food.

With tiki torches, too! Nice touch.

Nightfall, and the party began in earnest with drinking, music and dancing. All had great fun.

Wendi, Marilyn and Carole

Busy bartender

Sarah and Melissa

Louise, Betsy, Carole and Connie, movin' and groovin' (clockwide from lower left)

Carole and Olivia singin' and dancin' 

Picking up the beat....

From left, Sarah, Betsy, and Carole, joined by Connie, Marilyn, and Miranda at right. 

Miranda and Beverly, concentrating on the dance steps

Remembering the song, "Party lights, they're red and blue and green." Courtesy Claudine Clark, Chancellor Records, 1962. Ok, it's not the 70's, but as you can see, this was truly a  great party.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kids and Festivals

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The Falls Church News Press hired me to shoot the Taste of Falls Church and The Falls Church Fall Festival 2013 last weekend. The photos were published on their website today ( but I wanted to share some of my favorites here, the kids. I think I captured some great expressions.

Hope you like them.

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