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Monday, June 16, 2014

Day on the Kayak at Lake Barcroft

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Kayaking is great at Lake Barcroft and I was recently out on the water enjoying the wonderful weather. I selected the best photos to share here.  The clouds were magnificent so I photographed each of the five beaches from the water. I also saw no fewer than five Great Blue Herons around the lake, all busy hunting for a meal and several of them successful, right in front of my lens!

Beach 3

Beach 2
Beach 5

Beach 1

Beach 4 (in the distance) 
Great Blue Heron with his catch

Another Great Blue Heron with a fish

Barges along Beachway lakefronts

Great Blue Heron preening

Yet another Great Blue Heron with a bluegill

Relaxing on the barge

Barn swallow

Turtle line-up



Night Heron

Serious about fishing