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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vacation Paradise: San Juan, Puerto Rico

The big snow of 2016 had pretty much come and gone by the time we departed on our comfortable Jet Blue flight early on a Wednesday morning, but the prospect of warm ocean breezes in a lush tropical paradise made it very easy to forget that "Snowzilla 2016" had ever happened at all.

Upon arrival on the island, as you disembark from your aircraft,  you can't wait to peel away the sweaters and long sleeves of the colder northern climes to adjust to the sudden rush of warm humid air in the jetway and the blazing sunlight of a tropical afternoon. 

Ah, Puerto Rico, my heart's devotion...two weeks to unwind, reinvigorate, and  explore the sights and sounds and tastes, both old and new.

The image above is the view from our balcony room over Isla Verde Beach. The following images are a collection from our first few days.

View of Isla Verde Beach, ground level.

Carole with palm leaf rose

Greater Antillean Grackle

Cattle Egret in a kerfluffle

Young man making palm leaf hats and flowers

Carole, late afternoon on the beach.

Patient customer awaits her treat

Water nymph 

Carole in sun flare.

Late afternoon view from the beach chair.

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Unknown said...

Larry these photos are absolutely wonderful! In particular your portraits of Carole, she is absolutely stunning! I also love that you included the mockingbird song.